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Best Team, Business Woman and Small Business of the Year SME Nominations

Last year we were stoked to receive the SME award for being the top 3 Small Business of the Year. This year, despite the ups and downs of the market, we continued to grow. Our whole team is strong, focused and determined. That is why we are so excited to be nominated in three SME categories this year:

  • SME - The Best Team of the Year

  • SME - Business Woman of the Year

  • SME - Small Business of the Year


We would like to give a shout out to our superstar team! Behind every successful business are great employees. Without the hard work, passion and determination of our team, we would not be where we are today. Thank you to everyone on the team. We greatly appreciate everything you do!


We would like to say our talent, skills and experience have led us to where we are today, but that would be only part of the story. A big part of our success lies in the strength and perseverance of the individuals who have built the stepping stones for Impact Drywall. One of the biggest players in our success is Bianca Cooper. Bianca is the fiercest most persistent and hard-working person we have ever met. She is the glue that keeps our teams organized and efficient. She is continually developing our internal processes to streamline our business and our project management. She works hard to promote Impact Drywall and create a strong presence within the industry. Words cannot say enough, but maybe an SME award might. Thank you, Bianca, for being a pillar within our company. We are very proud you are part of the team and excited for your SME nomination for Business Woman of the Year.


We are excited to be nominated for Small Business of the Year two years in a row! We can't emphasize enough how much our amazing team has helped to get us here. Working together we continue to deliver quality projects on time and on budget. Thank you!

The SME winners for each category will be announced on April 30, 2021. Let's all keep our fingers and toes crossed!


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