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Impact Drywall's 10 Year Anniversary | Building A Legacy

Impact Drywall Inc. has been building much more than residential, commercial and industrial sites for the past ten years: they have been building a legacy.

A legacy as one of the Western Canada’s fastest-growing, team-oriented construction services company known for delivering quality work on time and on budget.

Indeed, the company’s modus operandi of ‘doing what it takes’ has landed them multiple awards over the past number of years, and their reputation for ‘making an Impact’ on construction sites across Western Canada is as solid as their work.

But just as all milestones invite a moment of reflection, the ten-year anniversary of Impact Drywall Inc. is no different.

The company began as a vision by John Rosby In Leduc, AB more than a decade ago. At the time he was at the helm of a small numbered company, but he recognized a need for professional drywallers in the construction services industry. With drive and determination, he incorporated his numbered company in 2013 and began changing the image and the expectations of drywallers by the consuming public.

1. And how did he do that?

2. By fostering a great work ethic focused on finishing jobs on time and on budget.

3. By creating an inclusive, safe workplace.

4. By using the pandemic slow-down to get his employees more training.

5. And by remaining cutting-edge through adoption of the latest industry standards.


2019 - Impact Drywall Inc. expanded with a new branch in Kelowna, British Columbia.


Such has been the success of this tiny company upstart from Alberta that Impact Drywall Inc. has grown their labour force, added divisions, expanded their services, and opened a new branch in Kelowna.

Another feather in their construction cap?

The recent awarding of one of the largest sites currently being constructed, the Site C Dam.

With exponential growth, rave reviews and awards aplenty under their tool belts, what does General Manager Bianca Cooper see as the next goal for Impact?

“We envision having branches in every province in Western Canada” says Cooper, “and continuing to exceed customer expectations”.


We envision having branches in every province in Western Canada and continuing to exceed customer expectations.


Cooper believes that one of the greatest business stories to be told for years to come will be how Impact - being at the forefront of an essential business - was able to sustain it’s growth during the pandemic.

“Through consultations with various Health and Safety boards, we were able to ensure all our staff and sub trades continued working,” she says. “We offered solutions to our clients which allowed us to maintain their schedules, and overcame a lot of obstacles. For instance, while conducting business on the Island and having most transportation methods closed or working at a minimum, we were still able to get our staff to the sites on time by having John or myself actually drive people there. We set up housing to ensure the safety of the staff. I cooked for the employees and we did whatever we could to ensure they were safe and healthy. During this time, not one employee or sub trade contracted the virus”.

Cooper adds that “All through the trying times, our staff remained happy to work with us and a new team spirit was born. We became a family”.

It's obvious that this level of dedication and creative problem-solving is behind the success of Impact to date.


So too is the impressive range of services they offer, including state-of-the-art spray foam insulation and blown-in blanket.

They also offer interior steel framing, drywall and finishing, texturing, t-bar ceilings and fire-stopping.

All of this, on time and on budget.

No wonder Impact Drywall Inc. is building a legacy: one successful project after another.

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