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We Think You’re Awesome Too!

Hey Kelowna! It’s CommunityVotes Kelowna time, and we are excited to see the people in Kelowna have recognized us again this year. If this is your first time hearing about CommunityVotes Kelowna, we will be happy to catch you up. 😊

CommunityVotes spans from city to city across Canada and the United States. CommunityVotes was created to allow real people to support their community and the businesses they love through an independent and impartial lens. Every year CommunityVotes allows community members to nominate their favourite businesses and for local businesses to be recognized.

This year, Impact Drywall has been nominated in the Drywall and Insulation category. Please nominate us to show your appreciation (thank you) and to help us reach gold in this category. We love serving this beautiful city, and your support inspires us to continue providing quality services on time and on budget.

PLACE YOUR VOTES HERE before July 26th:

Thanks again Kelowna!

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