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Lakeview Pointe

// Kelowna, British Columbia
Client: Ironclad Developments
Type: Residential/Commercial


Ironclad Developments approached us to build the 4 six-storey apartment complexes—the first in West Kelowna. Faced with new COVID-19 restrictions and by-laws, Ironclad Developments needed a company that could provide superior quality and deliver on time, despite the situation.


With dedicated staff, safety protocols and efficient systems, Impact Drywall was able to continue providing high quality on time and on budget, even in the face of obstacles.


With our superstar staff and go-getter attitude, we were able to board 90 units within one month, while following all safety protocols.

Impact Drywall's Lakeview Pointe IronClad Developments Residential and Commercial Project in Kelowna, British Columbia
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