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Aurora Heights

// Winnipeg, Manitoba
Client: Seymour Pacific Developments
Type: Residential


This project could have easily turned into an expensive endeavour with delayed occupancy dates. When Seymour Pacific reached out to us they had 56 units ready for occupancy. Unfortunately, the fire rating around the mechanical ducts was not sufficient and the work was not approved. Extensive rework needed to be done for the units to become complaint, which would have cost an excess of $150,000. Our client needed an innovative solution that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg and would be done on time to still receive their occupancy permit.


Impact Drywall reached out to engineers, architects and the city to find an out-of-the-box strategy which had never been heard of or used before. We bought a blow-in insulation machine and the owner himself drove over night to collect it. When he returned, the Impact Drywall team cut holds into the flooring system and encapsulated the cavities with fire resistant insulation.


With our out-of-the-box thinking and quick results, the building successfully passed inspection and our client received their occupancy permit on time. All of this at a cost of $8,000—over $140,000 in savings!!!

Impact Drywall's Residential Aurora Heights Project in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Aurora Heights Residential Project in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Blow-in Insulation, Fire Resistant Insulation
Drywall Application

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