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Impact Drywall Construction Services


Impact Drywall provides interior system services for both residential and commercial clients across Western Canada.

Impact Drywall's Experienced Construction Team of Happy Employees and Top Subcontractors

With a go getter attitude, innovative thinking and a willingness to do what it takes, we pride ourselves in providing high quality projects on time and on budget. Impact Drywall’s experienced team of employees and top subcontractors specialize in the following areas:

Impact Drywall's Insulation Service


Your comfort and safety is top priority. That is why our skilled team ensures your house, your commercial property or residential complex is properly insulated to help with energy efficiency, noise reduction and mold prevention. In order to achieve the maximum level of quality and thermal resistance, we offer all of the following types of insulation:

  • Friction Fit (Batt Insulation)

  • Blown in Blanket System

  • Blown in Attic (Loose Fill)

  • Spray Foam

Blow In Insulation

Blown-in insulation is an excellent and affordable way to improve the energy performance of your attic. This method allows the material (fiber or cellulose) to be installed precisely where needed providing a higher performance than traditional batt insulation. Where batt can’t reach, blown in does.

Insulation Rebates


Decrease your energy usage & increase the cash in your wallet.


When it comes to drywall installation, it is important to choose the right product to meet specific requirements. Whether it is 1-hour to 2-hour fire-rated walls, Sag-Resistant ceilings, tiled showers or curved walls, the knowledge of our installers will ensure your project meets the industry standards and building code requirements.

Impact Drywall's Drywall Installation Services
Impact Drywall's Taping and Texturing Services


At Impact Drywall, we believe that each home is different. Our taping and texture specialists are committed to bring that personalized touch to life. We offer multi levels of smooth finishes, spray applications such as knockdown, orange peel, splatter texture and more.

Taping & Texturing


Underneath any strong, straight wall is properly installed framing. Our team specializes in steel stud framing. Steel stud framing is quick and easy to install, affordable, versatile, light, strong and long lasting. Unlike wood framing, steel studs are not susceptible to mold, will not rot, warp or lose integrity over time. Our skilled team provides a variety of stud framing compositions from curved walls, bulkheads to complex commercial projects.

Impact Drywall's Stud Framing Service
Stud Framing
Drywall Application

Start Your Next Project With Us

Impact Drywall T-Bar Ceiling Service


T-Bar ceilings have the benefits of hiding unsightly pipes, ductwork, electrical runways, cable TV and more. It is also beneficial for areas where access to pipes and wiring is needed. Another advantage of T-Bar ceilings is the acoustic treatment of the room by reducing reverberation and echo.

T-Bar Ceilings


Fire stopping has three elements: the fire rated walls/floors/ceilings being penetrated; the pipes/HVAC ducts/cable trays that make up the objects creating the penetration; and the materials and methods used to seal the penetrations to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Using the correct fire stop materials can help reduce costs on a project without affecting efficacy or limiting life safety. We have certified fire stopping trainers on staff along with trained and skilled team members ready to ensure your home, residential complex or commercial building is safe with proper fire stopping materials and methods.

Impact Drywall Fire Stopping Services
Fire Stopping
Sound Proofing
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