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Impact Drywall consistently delivers quality on time and on budget. This is possible with our team of great people who combine experience, enthusiasm and pride in their work.

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John Rosby Impact Drywall President

John Rosby


Founder of Impact Drywall Inc., John enjoys the action, creativity and problem solving involved in the construction industry.

Before devoting his work full-time to Impact Drywall, John spent 15 years working in construction where he developed (alongside his team) some of the processes that makes Impact Drywall successful.

In addition to being the CEO & business owner, John likes playing and recording music. Next time you see him, ask him about his vintage guitar collection.


Bianca Cooper

//general manager

Bianca has over 15 years of successful experience in hiring and employee management. For 10 of those years, Bianca worked as an HR Director, overlooking a workforce of over 1,200 employees. Upon immigration to Canada, Bianca was offered the position of Director of Business Development for a leading ERP Software Development organization specialized in construction management.

Bianca is and has been involved with multiple boards and associations, developing a strong sense of social responsibility.

A strong believer in the Impact Team, Bianca regularly develops processes to assist and guide the team to thrive.


Michael Greene

//site supervisor

Nick Jollymore Impact Drywall Sprayed Insulation Technician

Nick Jollymore

//sprayed insulation technician

Autumn Scheer Impact Drywall Insulation Supervisor

Autumn Scheer

//insulator/general labourer

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