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Sprayfoam Insulation: The Benefits

Impact Drywall is committed to making homes, commercial properties and industrial sites as comfortable, quiet, economic and environmentally-friendly as possible. Which is why this innovative, cutting-edge Western-Canadian construction company is proud to offer sprayfoam insulation (SFI) as part of its repertoire.

Sprayfoam insulation is relatively new, but it boasts the highest R-value (insulating property) of anything on the market. In fact, its pedigree as an insulator, sound barrier, and structure stabilizer are second-to-none.

But what exactly is SFI, and what are its benefits?

Sprayfoam insulation is a form of non-toxic polyurethane that is mixed on site and sprayed into areas to be insulated, usually the space between the floor, wall and ceiling joists. It works so well because it expands into nooks and crannies that traditional insulation just can’t reach.

Impact Drywall uses closed-cell sprayfoam insulation, a rigid, flood-resistant material that keeps heat from entering or leaving your home. It has many advantages over other types of insulation.

First, it keeps the indoors comfortable year-round. By resisting heat transfer and sealing gaps, it prevents hot and cold air, vapour and moisture from penetrating into a building’s interior. The result is a more consistently comfortable indoor space.

Just as importantly, SFI can reduce home heating and cooling costs—and increase the value of your property—by minimizing air leaks from walls and roofs. And the rigidity of SFI, once cured, provides increased structural integrity to walls and ceilings.

The airtight nature of sprayfoam minimizes indoor allergens and prevents mold, which in turn creates a drier, safer, warmer and healthier home. Or commercial space. Or working environment.

Finally, sprayfoam is a great way to dampen noise from busy streets outside, or the room-to-room transfer of noise.

Just as SFI fills gaps in attics, basements, walls and crawlspaces, it fills gaps in the insulating needs of home and business owners alike. And as its popularity as an insulation choice ‘expands’ and word of its availability spreads, it’s clear that Impact Drywall is ready to answer the call.

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